Do I Have to Get an Eye Exam if I Want Colored Contacts but Have 20/20 Vision?

Dont tell me not to get contacts because I am. Im changing my eye color. But do I still have to get an exam? I already know that my power would be 0.00. If I do, do I have to go to an optician? Because mine is really not friendly and will laugh at me. Anywhere else I could get one if I have to?

Thanks so much!:D

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    1. You should still go to an optometrist b/c buying them over-the-counter can be sketchy. Just go to a different one. He/she is actually being foolish if they don’t want to give them to you. That’s an easy sale!

    2. umm yes you will need to go because they have to measure your cornea because everyone has a different size cornea and if he/she laughs at you tell him/her to eff off!

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