Do Contact Lenses Permanently Damage Your Eyes ?

I wear Acuvue soft contact lenses everyday. Are they bad for my eyes ?

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  1. XxPurplePyroxX says:

    It can cause permanent damage if you keep them in for too long at a time, don’t clean them properly, or don’t change lenses frequently enough.

    When I got contacts for the first time the optometrist gave me wrong directions for how long I should wear them at a time and how often to change them and because of that I now have a really tiny permanent mark on my eye. Luckily it is not in a place that will block my view!

    I think the longest you should have them in your eyes each day is 12-15 hours and you should change lenses every two weeks. Don’t sleep with your contacts on. Remember to wash your hands before putting on or taking off your lenses. Do this and your eyes should be fine :)

  2. Nathan says:

    I’ve been wearing soft contacts every day since I was about 12. I’m 24, and no problems yet.

  3. ..maggie.. says:

    I’m gonna second Nathan on that. I don’t know anything scientifically, but i’ve been wearing my contacts everyday from waking up till going to bed, for at least 7 years. It’s probably not ideal, but nothing bad’s happened so far.

  4. Salman says:

    No. nothing happened to me, i wore soft contact lenses for one and a half year

  5. snowstar says:

    My mum wore contact lenses for 30 years since she was in her 20’s now shes in her 50’s and still wearing contact lenses.

    She has wore soft lenses, hard lenses and toric lenses. U name it she has worn it and wears them for more than 10 hours a day for 30 years.

    Her eyes are fine till now.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Of course contacts don’t damage your eyes, if they did then they would be illegal!

    There is a small chance of infection if you don’t handle them properly, always wash your hands before you handle them, follow your opticians instructions for putting them in, use the correct solution for storage, never wear them longer than your prescription states and never wear someone elses lenses.

  7. william says:

    Do you know of anyone that permanently damaged their eyes? I don’t. So quit worrying and start enjoying.

  8. It should be fine as long as you take care of your eyes and lenses.

    Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before putting on lenses. Don’t use a perfumed soap.
    Don’t wear lenses longer than you’re meant to, don’t sleep with them on, etc.
    Use correct lense cleaning solution, unless yours are daily. In that case, throw them out daily.
    If your eye feels irritated, don’t wear the lenses as it may trap dirt and bacteria and cause an infection, which could lead to permanent or temporary damage.

    I use daily lenses, which are apparently different form 24-hour lenses. My friend says dailies are for 7-10 hours.
    Not sure about that, but if you intend on frequently wearing your contact lenses, you may want to look into that.

  9. cindy m says:

    no and no

  10. I’ve been wearing them around 15 hours a day for 20 odd years. Just found out my eyes are covered in tiny scars from oxygen deprivation caused by overwear. Right now my eyes are bright red and I’m about to go to eye casualty for the third time in a month. My optician has always been fully aware of how long I wore them. I found out about the scars from hospital. Proceed with caution.

  11. I am wanting to buy some Coloured contact lenses from
    and i am 15 years old. I need someone to notify me so i can tell my mother she is not to worry! she wont let me get them until i get a real coloured contact lense wearer’s opinion :) can i suffer from problems as i grow older? please reply!!

  12. I have a permanently damaged Right eye from wearing Acuvue advanced Plus,
    Had been wearing lens for about 10 years,I would wear a lens in my right eye for a week and then wear a lens in my left eye for a week, only use lens in both eyes when motorcycling @ night. I installed a new lens & it ulcerated the cornea, off work for 10 weeks, most miserable experience in my life,, almost lost the eye. Felt like Gas, Ammonia,needles & bleach in my eye for 10 weeks, shots in the corner of my eye, Compound drops for 10 weeks every 30 minutes 24 hours a day. I wear Glasses now,, attorney’s won’t talk to me,, Manufacture always blames the patient. they get away with destroying your eyes, while Optometrist give you false info to sell lenses. Don’t wear Contacts,, you will ruin your Eyes,, what’s your Vision worth???

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