Can You Wear Non Prescription Colored Contacts with Prescription Glasses at the Same Time?

I don’t have the money right now to go and get my eyes check and get prescription colored contacts. So I though until I get my prescription colored contacts, I’ll just get non prescription contacts to go under my prescription glasses just to enchant my looks and bring more attention to my face and eyes and not my other regions. Is it okay to mix the 2 without hurting my vision, or should I just wait?

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  1. Yes you can do that, but coloured lenses planos cost the same as coloured corrective lenses of the same brand in disposables and are only about $30-$40 extra for conventionals. So in reality you’d be wasting your money getting a pair of planos to wear under spectacles.

  2. I Like Turtles! says:


  3. You need your eyes checked by an optician to get non-perscription contacts as much as for perscription contacts. They need to be fitted and the optician needs to check teh health of your eyes. Yes you can mix the 2 things but you are risking your eyesight if you buy contacts without getting your eyes checked.

  4. You can wear non perscription contacts under your glasses but you will still end up paying the same amount unless you obtain the contacts illegally which I do not recommend and can lead to permanant damage when not monitored properly.

  5. Couture Princess says:

    Yes. You May Do That. I Do It All The Time. I Thouqht Id Never Wear Contacts Because They Would Be To Diffcult To Work With But Its Perfectly Safe. I Almost Forqot I Had Them On. ^.^

  6. I think that this will give you some sort of vision issues as wearing a non prescription glasses even make the retina stable and focused and wearing glasses of some prescription will make you some issues as the rays falling on the glasses and after that on your contacts may lead to some sort of disturbance. Advised to avoid this till you can not buy some prescribed contact lenses.

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