Can You Wear Contact Lenses in the Shower?

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Can I wear contacts in the shower?

I recently got contact lenses (Dailies) and I was wondering if it’s OK if they get wet like if I take a shower? Will it hurt my eyes or will it hurt my contact lenses at all? Is it better to take them out?

Also, I like to wear them when I go skinny dipping, so can I wear them then, like in a pool when I go swimming?


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  1. No, it is not ok to wear them in the shower or in the pool as previous ppl have said. Now I used 2 think it was ok as well but i went to an optometrist with my sister and she told my sis not to wear them in the shower. so i didnt beleive the doctor so i asked another optometrist who i work with and she said thats right u cannot wear them in the shower. unless u can guarantee ur not gonna get any water in ur eyes. cuz water contains a certain amoeba and if it gets in2 ur contact/eye u can get an infection and thats no good

  2. Sure can! Just try not to get a lot of soap in your eyes, or splash water into them (that might knock out the contact, but I’ve never had it happen in 3 years of wearing them). They’re actually pretty tough little things, and can handle a lot.

  3. haggerpotter says:

    you can wear them in the shower. doctors may tell you not to because of a rare parasite located in tap water called Acanthamoeba. its really rare to catch tihs and ive been wearing contacts for 15 years and have showered with them,gone to the pool/beach etc. just make sure you clean them well or get the no rub solution to soak in.

  4. Showers are fine but not in the pool. The water in the pool will mess with the air pocket in the contact and it will pop out. It might happen in the shower, although it is rare.

  5. Yep. I wear mine swiming too.

  6. Hajrah J says:

    DONT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! i eman if you keep your eyes closed that is fine but they will pop out and if they are clear you wont find them

  7. Just out of curiosity…
    Doesn’t ANYONE else notice that wearing contact lenses while showering is uncomfortable upon getting water in your eyes? (Which is bound to happen when washing your face. Even if you hold your eyelids closed tight, water is going to get in when you open your eyes again)…Maybe it’s because I have dry eyes, but even when i get a small amount of water in my eyes with lenses in, it becomes uncomfortable, especially if I tense up when it happens. It kinda feels like my lenses are inside out. I usually have to jump right out of the shower and put rewetting drops in or take my lenses out.

    The feeling is pretty inconvenient, but man, I love actually being able to see in the shower without my glasses sliding down my nose!

  8. Do you really go skinny dipping a lot?

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