Can You Tell a When Someone Is Wearing Colored Contacts?

Besides looking at what race they are(Asian,black,etc), is it possible to tell if someone is wearing colored contacts?

For example if a black person were to wear blue contacts it would probably be obvious because black people usually don’t get blue eyes. However, if an Asian person wore hazel contacts could you tell without asking them if their eye color is really hazel or if they’re just contacts.

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  1. imnot relaly sure.. i guess ud ont know.unless there pink or red lol.

  2. vandamme's girl says:

    yes their eyes look puffy

  3. ♥♥Mrs SSG B♥♥ says:

    I can tell. Maybe its because I’m an Optician with many, many years experience, but I can spot colored contacts a mile away. I think even if I weren’t an Optician, I’d still spot them, because their pupils are ALWAYS the same size, no matter how bright it is or no matter how dark it is. That is because there is a cut-out for the pupil and even when your pupil dilates and contracts, the cut-out for the pupil doesn’t show that…it looks weird and unnatural – to me anyway.

    Side note*** I’ve always known Paris wore colored contacts and I’ve always thought they looked fake on her…just like everything else about her…guess she’s sportin’ her brown eyes in the slammer now! LOL

  4. Usually I can.

  5. It’s really obvious to me, because most of the colors are so phony looking, and especially when someone uses them over brown eyes. And they all swear it looks so natural! My sister has brown eyes and wears green contacts; she insists they look real and natural but, honestly, they look scary to me.

  6. I don’t look into the eyes of guys and if its a hot chick I’m not looking at their eyes much………..

  7. If you are close enough, you can see the color of contacts around the color part of the eye in the white of the eye.

  8. Yes, because your pupil size changes, but the ones on the colored contact don’t. So if it’s really sunny out, you can see a ring of your original color around your pupil. I don’t think you can see well out of them if it’s shadier and your pupils get larger.

  9. yea, just look at their eyes. if u look at the pupil, you can usually see a 3-D effect. You can totally tell it is a colored contact. Plus, if you look areound their eye, you can see an outline of color, usually a blue outline, but it depends on the color of the contact.
    hope that helps!

  10. You can usually spot someone that is wearing colored contacts. They make some that are color enhancers that are less noticeable.

  11. I can tell. But maybe its cause I wear contacts even though they arent colored. But to me they just look fake and sometimes you can see the outline of the contact.

  12. Yes, they look like dead fish eyes.
    Check for yourself in the grocery store.

  13. sometimes the contacts slide a little, and you can see a person’s natural eye color.

  14. Yep! especially when the person blinks

  15. lorrifullerburrell says:

    If you can get close enough to the persons face, when you look at their eyes you will be able to see a ring where the contact lens is sitting over their Iris (the colored part of the eye) Whenever you place a contact lens on the eye, it will have a little ridge around the edges of it where it is actually sitting on the eye.

  16. windy_city_bear says:

    Mostly they look un-natural

  17. xboxweerdo11 says:

    i don’t think so :)

  18. if u jab ‘m in the eye n find out.jj.dont really do that

  19. I don’t think it has anything to do with race. Those colored contact are a bit extreme in their color, designed to be noticeable and draw attention to the eyes, so it’s really about a blue that’s so vibrant, it looks somewhat unreal on the person. Not bad, just clearly not within in the range of what we’ve come to appreciate in the range of "acceptable" and "normal."

  20. Erick/Ronald says:

    Yeah,if you look closely and if that person has his/her eyes where ther’s light. you can tell right away that they’re contacts.

  21. no its really hard

  22. Sometimes, yes. Because the color looks like a completely unnatural eye color than you would normally see. For instance….instead of hazel green, they look jade green. Who has jade green eyes besides maybe a cat?? Not always the case, but when you know they are fake…you really know it.

  23. well.. when I had mine.. rofl they drifted off to the side.. so it looked like my right eye was looking up to the right and my left eye looked like it was looking up to the left.. rofl but idk maybe mine were too big? well good luck :)

  24. Travellers chick says:

    Yes you can especially because the colour of the contacts are really rich. Paris Hilton has great contacts and no one can tell her peeps are really brown.

  25. A dear friend who was 86 years old, and a black man, had the prettiest blue eyes. Never wore contacts. Didn’t know African-Americans could have blue eyes until I met Ross in 1976.

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