Can You Put Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses Over Normal Prescription Contact Lenses?

Can you wear colored contacts over regular contacts?

Like you would first put on your prescription lenses, and then you would put on colors lenses. Is it okay to wear them at the same time or does that not work? I’d like to wear colored ones but I also have to wear prescription contacts and the ones that are colored are cheaper.

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  1. Footprintz says:

    One of 2 things will happen. Either the extra thickness will cause the top lens to keep " floating" off when you blink and not stay where it should be, or they will dry out in between and stick together, causing them both to tear when you try to separate them.

    Your eyes will also be getting 0 oxygen through double lenses…not a smart idea at all to do.

  2. I doubt it but I’m not positive..

    Wouldn’t it be easier to get prescription coloured lenses?

  3. No you can not. The 2 lenses may fuse. The vision out of them would be useless and they would be very uncomfortable. Just get a prescription pair.

  4. Heather A says:

    yeah sure if you want to go blind! thats a very bad idea my friend. its kind of like the same concept as using 2 condoms at the same time. but not really. please don’t do that.

  5. Im having the same problem as I wanted colour ones only for Halloween so dont want to order a full months supply. Is there any way you can order just one set of prescription coloured dailies?

  6. I was told you could by someone who was selling colored lenses at an anime con, the site is and they are anywhere from $40 to $80 a pair. You can wear them over soft, disposable lenses, the person who was selling them was wearing one over her contacts.

  7. And is that person still able to see. If its disposable lenses and soft lenes. Because theres allot of different opinions but most of them agree, NO. youre the first to say you can. so who knows know.

  8. Adrianna says:

    I did it. They were the Flemsy demo ones and they deprecated very easy and did not move. Idk how it works long term but my eyes were fine. I took them out at night

  9. Anne Harris says:

    I also placed the clear demo flimsy ones over a demo clear flemsy trial pair and it work fine one was prescribed color trial and one was o prescription trial clear

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