Can You Put Colored Contacts Lenses with No Prescription Over Prescriptioned Contact Lenses?

Can you wear prescription contacts over colored ones? I wondering if that’s possible (wearing two contacts in one eye) or if it doesn’t work at all. I really want my eyes to be a different color. thanks everyone.

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  1. Absolutely no. If you wanted to wear color contact lenses, ask your eye doctor to prescribe you the colored contacts with your prescription in them. Wearing one contact over the other making your eyes very uncomfortable and decreasing amount of oxygen getting to your eyes due to the lens thickness.

  2. No…that would be like wearing glasses and non-prescription sunglasses at the same time.

  3. I’m guessing no, unless you want to be really uncomfortable.
    I’ve accidently put both of my contacts in the same eye before and it was very uncomfortable, the one on top kept moving around.

  4. NO NO NO NO and NO

  5. NO dont do that. They make prescription colored ones. Ask your eye doctor for them.

  6. why not lol ive done it

  7. i’ve tried this, it was uncomfortable, but as long as you place them directly on top of each other, it will be ok. i do not recommend keeping them in for more than 3 hours like this. i did this while going to school and after the first 2-3 hours it started to be uncomfortable. also, you should test it out before to make sure the top one doesnt float around.

  8. You can just take them out every 2-3 hours just so your eyes can breath.

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