Can You Get Headaches from Wearing Contact Lenses?

My daughter just started wearing contact lenses and she’s had a headache everyday since she’s been wearing them (2 days thus far). She has the ones that last a month that you have to clean every day. Should this be cause for alarm or is it that she has to get used to wearing contact lenses? Thanks.

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  1. sheetzlabs says:

    Getting headaches and having sensitive eyes is common during the first week. It’s a good idea to mininize the time spent wearing them for the first couple of weeks so she can adjust to wearing them.

  2. It’s possible to get headaches if your prescription is wrong. Have it checked by a ophthalmologist/optometrist.

  3. She is probably just getting use to them. My first week wearing them I had headaches because my eyes weren’t use to them. If it goes more than a week, however, I would take her back to the doctor (she might have the wrong prescription).

  4. statecalifornia2009 says:

    well if youre daughter shouldnt wear the same old contat lens every day or even ever same months ? cause when i started wearing my contacts lense and yeah keep giving me headache sometimes. can cause problem with people who havent worn them for a long time . so i will just take her to the eyes doctor so that they can check her up see if something wrong with her eye sight . i heard that if you keep wearing the same old contact lenses can cause you having bad headach or even feel dizzing even she doesnt even clean the lenses very well . it does take a while to use them first time . if she also have least two package boxes for her left and right side contact lenses that she hadn’t open or use yet . tell her to change them and threw the old ones in the trash and start useing the brand new ones instead . cause you dont wear the first one ever one year . you gotta change them til the adate is expire on the box . and you should teach her how to wash the contact lenses by useing her finger gently wash them til you get all the germs and bacterines clear then after that she can put it them in her own eyes. if her eyes feel dried by wearing them too long can cause her eyes itch and redness and also even headache . she should wear a hat or a sun glasses on when she go out side so that the sun cants harm her eyes by wearning the contact lenses . its not good cause make her eyes burn too.

  5. i have the same problem and my eye doctor said to minimize the time like the first day i started with 5 hours and then i increase everyday by one but he said to increse by a haf if u have bad headaches… hopped this helped!
    .-= kate´s last blog ..Do Contact Lens Need a Prescription =-.

  6. w. Hunter says:

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