Can You Get Colored Contacts from Walmart Without a Prescription?

Non Prescription Colored Contacts Walmart

Color contacts no prescription Walmart – I’m trying to get colored contacts. I have perfect Vision 20/20 but I don’t know if you can get them at Walmart. I’ll go through the tests and stuff to get them but I just wondered if you can get Walmart colored contacts and if you needed a prescription.

Please help me.

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  1. I dunno what those last 2 are talking about but you can’t get contacts without a prescription.

    Walmart will have them, IF they have an optical department , but you still need a prescription from an optometrist.

  2. yes, and you do not have to have prescription

  3. ţħë đèŁịçíöÜş™ says:

    Yess maam.(:
    you can order them at walmart, no tests no anything but you will have to wait the approx. business days
    for the color to ship.

  4. Included on all contact lens packages dispensed in the USA is a notice that states clearly-
    cannot be dispensed without a valid prescription.
    So you are willing to have “test” at a vision center but trying to avoid an exam? What do you think test ARE??? One of the problems at walmart is the low intelligence we see minute by minute. This question is another example.
    If you are too cheap to spend your beer & cancer stick money on an exam, you are too cheap to wear contacts. You will be another mental deficient that will wear one pair of monthly contacts for 3 months, until your eye hurts so much, you’ll have an eye infection.
    Stay with out $44. junk chinese glasses and stop complaining when they break in a month & you are told there is no warranty.

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