Can You Bring Contact Lenses on a Plane?

Can I Bring Contacts on a Plane?

I have a box of 30 contact lenses, can I bring them on a plane or should I just put them in my suitcase, which is better?

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  1. AliDawn says:

    Definitely carry them on with you! You don’t want to risk having your luggage lost and therefore losing your contacts! I ALWAYS carry-on my contacts! Just put them in your one-quart baggie for liquids (since they come in saline solution); if they won’t fit, then you can declare them to a security officer and you will be allowed to take them anyway.

  2. I would put them in your suitcase, most airlines wont let you take them on board. Its not worth the risk becuase you will be with out them for your hol :)

  3. xBollywood.Chickx says:

    i’d put them in my suitcase "just in case" – why wud u want to take all them on the plane neway? – have a safe trip! :)

  4. Charlie O. says:

    Bring the on. You should do this because you can actually talk to the TSA representative and tell him that you need them. On the other hand, when they inspect bags at the airport, all they will see is a box of 30 contact lenses and adios they go.

  5. johan b says:

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