Can I Wear Regular Contacts if I Have Bad Astigmatism?

This is gonna sound stupid but i have astigmatism but i would like to wear regular contacts. I dont know so il put my prescription
SPH -6.00, -7.50 / CYL -2.25 (both) / Axis 180 (both) / B.C 8.6 / DIA 14.5
How bad would i see if say if i got regular contacts since i dont really just want to throw away money. I mean its not like I need a hawk’s vision since I sit in front of class and work is really in front my face and the majority of things I do I dont need to see very far away or 100% clear. I ask cuz i would like to try different brands and even colors but I cant since i have astigmatism. Like I want to try those 30 day extendable wear contacts since sometimes I forget and I sleep with them (stupid me). Would say can I just get them without astigmatism correction, like companies advertise free trials so I guess I would not risk losing money and try them out to see if its a really big difference.

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  1. princeidoc says:

    it likely wouldnt hurt you, but you wont see well. you’ll see blurry…both blurry far away AND blurry up close.

    20/50-ish blurry. pretty blurry. you wont like it. most people wouldnt tolerate it

  2. David E says:

    It actually increases your chance of success that you are so nearsighted. If you were -0.50 -2.25 x 180, I would have less confidence you would have satisfactory vision with "regular" lenses. If you are in the USA, your plan of just ordering other lenses and trying them should not work. Suppliers can’t sell you contacts unless you have a prescription. Coupons for free contacts require a contact lens fitting. Next time you get your eyes checked, ask about trying what you asked for here. The doctor will probably let you try your vision without the astigmatism correction. There are 3 different contacts in your exact prescription available that are approved for up to six nights of continuous wear.

  3. You should call your eye doctor or go to a pharmacy and ask them if they know. you cant really ask on yahoo answers because there might be other things that your doctor knows about that would affect it. so, i would call the doctor.

  4. Hello
    My prescription is just a little bit higher than yours for both sphere and cyl and I wore non-toric lenses once (emergency). They took a little while to get used to. I was not able to read as the print was going all wobbly and I could not bring it into focus. The world seemed very much like a ‘wide screen’ tv with everything stretched out in width – but my brain got used to that after a day or two. I could not see fine detail either close or in the distance. But, mad as this is going to sound, those lenses were still much easier and more comfortable to wear than any of the toric lenses I have tried to my exact prescription. I hope this helps. You can ask your optician to give you trial lenses to try out.

  5. Approximately 2/3 of people who need vision correction have some degree of astigmatism. With astigmatism, light rays entering the eye focus in two different locations, requiring a more complex lens for correction to see clearly. This can result in shadowing or a difference in clarity for vertical lines compared to horizontal lines.

    For crisp and clear Vision go for Toric lenses.


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  6. Try purevision Toric lenses or Oasys for Astigmatism if you wish to wear for extended hours and sleep on with lenses occasionally.Pl consuly your doctor before purchasing these lenses.


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