Can I Clean My Soft Contact Lenses with Saline Solution Alone?

Is it absolutely necessary to use contact lens solution or could I just clean my lenses with saline solution? Are there any other, more natural ways, to store and clean contact lenses?

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  1. I would use contact solution, if you just use saline solution it may hurt your eyes. Do not store them in water, lol. .

  2. Not worth saving a few pennies here on saline vs lens solution, imho lens solution is made specifically for contatc lenses and people who wear them. It can help reduce the irritation and dryness that sometimes come with the territory of wearing contact lenses as well.

    I asked the same question on ask the dr. at

  3. Christine says:

    The point here, DK, is not saving pennies. The point is that the preservatives can be eye irritants and actually harmful. I thought I could never wear contact lenses, I would be dying to take them out at 3 pm or earlier. When I decided to give them another try, the Doc gave me the standard opti free solution and the case. Well, the misery of that first day with that solution prompted me to think about the solutions I was using. I had some luck with the Thimerasol (and something else) free Sensitive Eyes. but, even that wasn’t completely comfortable. So I tried to go further. Unisol 4 is completely preservative free and a pure saline solution. It comes in small bottles that you open one at a time and use within 30 days. Well, the first day with this stuff is amazing, I can’t feel the contacts in my eyes! What I need to figure out this week is whether it is necessary to introduce more nasty chemicals in terms of cleaning solutions. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do now for cleaning, but I have two week lenses, so maybe not an issue? I am open to the idea of UV disinfection or something. Looks like the companies are often so quick to “idiot proof” their products from going bad that they add more and more complex chemicals. I’m not sure this is wise. These chemicals themselves are harmful. I trust myself to use up the tiny bottle of Unisol 4 in time before it goes bad. Sad the general public doesn’t often get that much trust. Check out this article:

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