Can I Change Contact Lens Brand Easily Without Getting Another Examination?

Question by jsmyto: Can I change contact lens brand easily without getting another examination?
My prescription is still current until Aug 2009. I am currently wearing PureVision Toric and would like to try Acuvue Oasys. Is this a possibility? I dont want to pay for another exam.

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Answer by Lisa
you gotta ask your eye doctor that since that doctor recommended purevision toric. I believe toric = astigmatism? so you need the special kind. Unless this is your first time using the purevision and you did not like it, then im sure you can change to a different brand which the doctor would recommend.

Answer by m
Yea you would require Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism which is also a Toric lens. Toric just means you have an astigmatism.

You should do it I switched from these other contacts I was wearing and Acuvue Oasys are so much more comfortable I also have an astigmatism and dry eyes.

You will most likely have to get a new prescription your only about 3 months away from needing a new prescription so just go in early and then next year go in May 2010 instead you will just be changing your date for prescription a couple months.

Answer by CONFUSED!!!
No, PureVision and Acuvue are not the same kind of contacts. Yes they are both toric (for astigmatism) but they have different base curves and diameters so the Acuvue is not going to fit your eye the same way the PureVision would.
Without a new exam to see if they could fit the lenses to your eye you can’t switch.

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