Are There Any Stores That Sell Colored Contacts?

Stores that sell colored contacts – I don’t really want to buy them online, it is fine if you have a place online that sells them, give me any place where I can buy colored contacts. I don’t need prescription contacts. I just want the color. P.S. I have brown eyes.

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  1. i got mine from sam’s club

  2. 1) Yes, there are places to buy all kinds. I met a guy once that had black and white checkerboard eyes.
    2) why did you tell us you have brown eyes?

  3. dollard store i got them there and its fineee.or in the mall which i fergot what its called>.<i got grey i loo like a cat when i have them on heheh

    i get contacts from them
    i like themmm =P

  5. i got mine from that store EJ at the mall

  6. I got mine at Cha’s. but some times the brown could show so be careful what color you get. i got blue and the brown in my eyes showed….so yeh hope this helped!

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